Ultimate Leads Program™ is Back!
Ultimate Leads Program™ for Q3/Q4 2019
Finish 2019 With A BANG!
Get Buyer Leads for Your Project.
WHAT IF you could get buyer leads for your project - GUARANTEED - and WITHOUT doing any work at all? And at a really low price?

My name is Jeff and I help agents clock multiple 5-figure paychecks from marketing new launches - for the past 4 years.

Agents are spending way too much time and money on various marketing channels, in the hope of closing more project sales.

PropertyGuru, Facebook, flyers, roadshows - just to name a few.

Agents face a multitude of challenges when it comes to project marketing:
  • Not getting enough leads on a consistent basis
  • Leads are cold; not genuine or serious
  • ​Too much competition; leads are too expensive
If you face similar challenges, read on.

I see many agents struggling to get buyers for their projects.

They try to do everything themselves - online advertisements, flyer distribution, roadshows, etc.

In the process, they spread themselves too thin, tire themselves out, spend a lot of time and money on unproductive work.

Yes, they make themselves look busy.

But at the end of the day, with little or no results to show.

What if life is meant to be easy?

What if you could get project leads without putting in any effort yourself?

Without spending a lot of money?

Without agonizing over what to write, how to design the ad, or how to make that picture pretty?

Without standing in the hot sun, pushing your flyers to reluctant passers-by?

What if it is meant to be easy?
Introducing Our Flagship Lead Generation System:
The Ultimate Leads Program™
Many of my clients were just like you - trying all sorts of things themselves to get buyers.

Some spent tens of thousands of dollars on their own with little or no results.

After engaging us, we have totally transformed their real estate business around.

Many of them have gone on to bag multiple 5-figure commissions, more than exceeding the cost of their investment.

We also help them create a healthy pipeline of consistent leads for their projects.

All through Facebook (and also Google) ads.

For the past 4 years, we have been refining our proprietary lead generation system.

Our improvements over the years have led us to finally cracking the code on generating project leads from Facebook ads.

Resulting in a super affordable plan, a ridiculous lead guarantee and an entire end-to-end lead generation system that no other provider can match.

Now we are open for a very limited time before we close for 2019.

Read on to find out more.
"Out of 61 leads you gave me, I had 9 viewings and closed 2."
How It Works
1. Choose Your Project
2. Get Leads on Real-Time
3. Serve & Close!
Serve More Clients Than Ever Before
While other agents fumble with their prospecting, not only do you have more clients to serve, you are able to truly focus on serving each of them better.
Our First-in-Industry System Gives You An Added Advantage
We have developed a unique, proprietary system with:
  • Advanced audience targeting that gets you the right buyers
  • Instant lead notification by SMS & email so you get to the leads ahead of other agents
  • Google Sheets integration so you can follow up easily
  • Instant auto-reply to keep leads warm
  • And more...
"I have increased my direct sales significantly... All I have to do is serve."
Earn More, Yet Work Less
Our 100% done-for-you solution works round the clock to get you quality leads, freeing up your time for the people and things that matter most to you.
You Are Just 3 Simple Steps Away from a Chance to Close
  • Select A Project to Get Leads For
  • Start Getting Leads Within 1 Week (While We Work Behind the Scenes)
  • Bring Buyers to Show Flat & Close!
 Advanced issues found
Transform Your Real Estate Career
  • Be the envy of other agents by bringing truckloads of buyers to show flat
  • Pivot from trying to do everything yourself to being fully focused on what matters most - sales and closings
  • Become the next top producer - almost effortlessly
"Closed a unit at Jade Scape. Highly recommended 👍🏼"
What Our Plan Includes
  • 2 months' marketing period on Facebook (1 Project)
  • GUARANTEED 30-40 leads in TOTAL over 2 months
  • Facebook ad campaign setup (worth $1,000)
  • Campaign research, copy & design (worth $700)
  • Ad management for 2 months (worth $2,000)
  • Facebook ad spend for 2 months (up to $1,500)
  • Real-time email & SMS notifications (worth $100)
Total Value of Package: $5,300
What? A leads guarantee?!

We don't expect to get paid if we don't perform.

We provide a minimum leads guarantee, so there's absolutely no risk on your part.

And NO reason for you NOT to take action now and start getting buyers!

If in the unlikely event that you don't get a single lead (touch wood), you don't even need to pay a cent!
"My problem now is too many leads. Very busy at show flat. But it's a happy problem!"
Just to set the record straight.

Although we can guarantee the number of leads, we cannot guarantee that those leads will translate into sales (even though many of our clients have done so).

This is because every project is different and we don't control the sales process.

Choosing the right project is probably the most important thing you have to do.

You want to choose a project that is easy for you to close, or failing which, easy to swing buyers from (to a related or similar project).

And of course, you need to be prepared to follow up closely and promptly with every lead.
The Ultimate Leads Guarantee
We take all the risk, so you don't have to.
If you don't get the minimum number of leads as promised, we will extend the campaign period until you get the minimum number of leads, OR refund you a prorated amount based on the lead shortfall. No questions asked.
We ONLY run this program 2 or 3 times a year.

Because we are already quite busy crafting online campaigns and helping agents get leads and sales.

If you miss it the previous time, don't miss out on this one.

This is probably the last run for 2019.

And this time, we are keeping it super affordable for all agents.

So you no longer have an excuse NOT to sign up.
"3 closes (out of 65 leads). Yes I highly recommend this program."
At this point, you could either go back to your old ways of trying to get leads all by yourself.

OR you could give us a try at a really affordable rate, with a ridiculous lead guarantee too, so you have nothing to lose.

It's your choice!
Grab Your Seat In This Program - LIMITED TIME ONLY
100% Minimum Leads Guarantee!
Secure Payments via Credit Card
P.S. This is probably the last run of the program for 2019. Applications will close after the deadline - no exceptions. So please sign up now if you are interested!
Frequently Asked Questions
Most of your questions should be answered below. If you have any other question not answered here, please email us: hello@propertyasiadirect.com.
Who is this program for?
For property agents in Singapore who are marketing new launches or developer sales projects. These can be future launches or existing projects.
When does my campaign start?
Your campaign usually starts about 1 week from your sign up date. Depending on what exactly you sign up for, your campaign may start earlier or later. If you prefer to start later, simply let us know after sign up.
What contact details do I get for each lead?
You get the following information for each lead: Name and phone number. Additionally, you may also get one extra information like preferred unit types or purpose of purchase, depending on which is more suitable for the project.
How does the lead guarantee work?
We try to get as many leads as possible for your campaign. But in the event that we generate fewer than the minimum number of leads, PropertyAsiaDirect will decide to either extend the campaign period until you get all leads, OR issue a prorated refund based on the lead shortfall and the amount you paid. For example, if the minimum lead number is 30, and you only got 15 leads, you will get back 50% of the money you paid. Our decision is discretionary and final.
Why is there a range for the number of leads expected?
Some projects are easier to generate leads for than others. This range gives you a rough idea of how many leads you should expect to get. For the lead guarantee, refer to the smaller number as the minimum number of leads guaranteed.
What is counted as a valid or invalid lead?
All leads are passed through directly from Facebook ads to you. As Facebook is an open platform, we cannot control who signs up. Therefore we count all leads as valid EXCEPT in these cases:

- Competitor agent number (as verified in CEA register)
- Invalid tone (i.e. no such number exists)
- Wrong number (i.e. person on the line says he/she did NOT sign up)

In all other cases, even if the lead does not respond (which is usually due to slow or poor follow-up), the lead counts. To count a lead as invalid, you need to inform us within 24 hours of getting the lead.
Are the leads unique to me?
All leads are unique to your campaign. If there is another agent marketing the same project, their ads will NOT show once a lead signs up with you. However, it is possible that your lead MAY sign up with a different project/campaign - that's out of our control. At NO point do we share your leads with other agents, NOR do we EVER contact your leads (except send them an auto-reply SMS right after they sign up with you). We treat all leads' contact information with utmost confidentiality and in accordance with PDPA regulations.
Can I share the plan with a colleague?
Yes you can. Each plan allows forwarding of leads to up to TWO (2) mobile numbers and TWO (2) email addresses. Just reply to our email after you sign up. If there are more than 2 agents, please email us at hello@propertyasiadirect.com to get a custom quote.
Do you advertise on Google Ads/PPC?
Yes we do! Once you sign up for our basic Facebook plan, you will be given the chance to add on a Google Ads/PPC plan as well.
I already know Facebook ads. Why should I sign up?
Many of our agents were already doing their own Facebook ads, but they still find our program valuable. First, our campaigns generally perform better than most agents. In fact, we have a leads guarantee to ensure results. Second, instead of spending too much time figuring it out, you can fully focus on clients and closing them. Third, we have extra features that give you that edge over other agents.
Which projects are eligible for this program?
All Singapore-based primary sale projects (i.e. being sold directly by developers) are eligible, whether the project has already started selling or is selling in the future.
Can I change my project after signing up?
Once you sign up, you cannot change your project as we start work on it immediately. So please do make up your mind before choosing your project.
What do I need to get started? Do I need to provide you with any write up or photos or the project?
All you need to do is to sign up! We will take care of everything else. You will get more information on your campaign right after signing up.
Do I need a Facebook ad manager?
No you don't. We take care of everything on our side. So that the campaign can launch quickly and efficiently for you.
Do I get to see or make changes to my campaign?
We will send you the ads before starting the campaign. Changes can be made if you spot any mistakes or misrepresentations in the ads. However, if you would like to make changes to suit your "style" or "taste", please note we cannot guarantee the minimum number of leads. 
What if there are multiple agents marketing one project?
Each agent will have his/her own separate campaign and unique leads. Once a lead signs up with an agent, the ads for this project will NOT be shown for that lead any more. So there should NOT be a case where a lead signs up with multiple agents for the same project.
Can I use my own Facebook page or ad manager?
In short, no. We typically use a brand new Facebook page and our own Facebook ads manager. This is to make things more efficient for our agents. Also our ads manager contains more data that would be useful for your campaign. However, if you still prefer to use your own Facebook page or ad manager, please email us at hello@propertyasiadirect.com and we can customise a plan for you.
Is there any qualifying criteria for the program?
To be accepted into the program, you must be a CEA registered real estate salesperson.
Can I get my entire team onboard?
Yes you can! We can customise a plan for your team and can even dispatch leads on a rotational basis. Drop us an email at hello@propertyasiadirect.com.
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